Strategic Partnership Between Gloria International Hotels Limited and HISTRONG Design

Strategic Partnership

Between Gloria International Hotels Limited and HISTRONG Design


An official signing ceremony was held between China Based Gloria International Hotel Limited and HISTRONG Design Malaysia Sdn Bhd (HISTRONG Design) in conjunction with the inaugural Genting Highlands International Travel Mart in Genting Highlands on Tuesday 30th July 2019.
Under the strategic partnership, Gloria Hotels International Limited will appoint HISTRONG Design as its preferred choice and recommended interior design (ID) company to the properties owners particularly in its future hotels’ projects development in Malaysia. However, the cooperation gained from HISTRONG Design will also involve in trade show organization in term of designing and set up of exhibition booth as well as its expertise in providing varieties of design and quality bamboo fibre panels which is formaldehyde-free (non-toxic) renovation services to meet the high expectation and demand in interior decoration for home and commercial used. HISTRONG Design won the Malaysia Health & Wellness Brand Awards 2018 (Home Care) endorsed by The Ministry of Health Malaysia being a recognition by the government of Malaysia for actively promoting healthy and innovative interior design services to the Malaysian.
In addition to the above, HISTRONG Design will also act as an extension arm of Gloria International Hotels Limited in sourcing potential hotels’ projects leads in Malaysia through its connection in the local market.
The strategic partnership enables both parties to exchange their resources, information and expertise in the respective field gearing towards achieving a formidable growth for both parties in the future.


HISTRONG was founded in year 1997, an established enterprise that focus mainly in producing eco-friendly interior bamboo fibre wall panelling and integrated ceiling decorative products, meeting the high expectation and demand in interior decoration for both home and commercial whereby HISTRONG DESIGN (Malaysia) SDN BHD (HISTRONG Design) being set up in year 2016, with its head office and showroom situated in Kuala Lumpur to introduce Malaysia’s No. 1 HISTRONG Bamboo FibrePanel (BFP) commercially is currently having two branches located in Penang and Selangor in Malaysia, providing one stop service to its premium customers. Apart from the above, HISTRONG Design also provide other services such as interior design and turnkey project management.
For more info, please contact us through:
Company Name: HISTRONG Design (M) Sdn Bhd
Contact Person: Anthony Ang Sang Nang, Managing Director
Mobile: +6 (019) 233 4848,
Customer Service Line: +6 (017) 854 7355
Email: info@myhistrong.com
Website: www.myhistrong.com


Gloria Hotels & Resorts, which was formed in 1992, is a Hong Kong registered Hotel Consultancy, Management and Investment Company. Gloria Hotels & Resorts has rapidly expanded its network of locations both domestically and globally due to the implementation of the company’s effective development strategic plan. Its future plan will be primarily focused on extending its growth of hotel network within potential developing cities in the People’s Republic of China and globally. Under the management of Gloria Hotels & Resorts, there are seven distinct brands:
  • Gloria Grand Hotels-Deluxe Business Hotel
  • Gloria Plaza Hotels–Upscale Business Hotel
  • Gloria Resorts-Leisure Hotel
  • GtEL -Mid-Scale Business Hotel
  • G-LUXEby Gloria -Boutique Hotel
  • Gloria Residences & Premium Residences: Hotel Service Apartment
For more info, please contact us through:
Contact Person: Amanda Mu
Mobile: +86 18510521118
Email: amanda.mu@gloriahotels.com
Website: www.gloriahotels.com



2019730, 马来西亚云顶高原
此次签署的战略合作协议里,凯莱国际酒店集团将任命马来西亚的海创设计有限公司为其在马来西亚的酒店业务开拓期间对业主方推荐的首选酒店与公寓的室内装设计公司。不仅仅是室内装设计的推荐,海创设计公司也将负责凯莱国际酒店集团在马来西亚参与各展会的展台设计,搭建和组织工作以及提供各种设计和优质竹木纤维板以满足室内装饰的高期望和需求的专业知识。海创设计公司2018年荣获马来西亚卫生部特许认可的马来西亚健康与健康品牌奖(Home Care -家居护理产品),这是政府对于海创设计公司在马来西亚积极推广健康和创新室内设计服务的认可。



公司: 海创设计私人有限公司
联系人: 洪善楠,董事长
手机: +6 (019) 233 4848,
客户服务电话: +6 (017) 854 7355
邮箱地址: info@myhistrong.com
网页地址 www.myhistrong.com

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公司: 凯莱酒店集团
联系人: 穆倩
手机:+86 18510521118
邮箱地址: amanda.mu@gloriahotels.com
网页地址 www.gloriahotels.com


02 Aug 2019