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Top Bamboo Fibre
Panel Brand in Asia
HISTRONG, an internationally renowned brand of eco-friendly interior wall and ceiling panel, is one of the top Bamboo Fibre Panel brand in Asia. We are the No. 1 supplier of quality materials for interior wall, ceiling and flooring. We specialize in solving your interior design and renovation problems, with an aim to revolutionize the Malaysian building industry with green innovation and modern technology.

“Home is simple to renovate over a nimble glimpse.” Using Modular Installation, the renovation period can be shortened, thus saving time as well as labour cost. Using non-toxic and eco-friendly materials, the post-renovation property is formaldehyde-free, which is safe for you and also the earth.
Love the earth like how you love your home. Renovation is all about bringing new life to your home, both the renovated one and also the home of all humans, the Earth. Therefore, we proudly introduce to you Malaysia’s No. 1 HISTRONG Bamboo Fibre Panel (BFP), which is made of natural materials like bamboo, wood and fibre. This is a recyclable alternative to traditional renovation material. Practise go green in your next renovation and save some green ringgit notes!

Ever imagined how your dream home looks like? Our designs are of different themes and styles and they can be customized according to your preference. Besides, green renovation is a new option to satisfy your fantasy of a stylish home. HISTRONG Bamboo FibrePanel is the best solution that is both fashionable and eco-friendly. You deserve to stay in a healthy home.

Let HISTRONG be your first choice in getting customized interior design, eco-friendly renovation materials and built-to-order integrated ceiling and wall panels.

To revolutionize the interior design industry with eco-friendly practices.

To inspire the industry and the communities in which we operate; towards environmental sustainability by implementing eco friendly solutions at every stage of our business.

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