HISTRONG Stone Polymer Composite (SPC) Flooring

Highly Slip-Resistant

SPC flooring is covered with a 0.3mm wear-resistant layer which is also skid-resistant. Hence, it is safe to be used at home especially for those families with young children or elderly parents.
Speedy Installation

SPC flooring is assembled using modular installation. This method is simple and fast, so labour cost and time can be greatly reduced.

Hassle-free Maintenance

SPC flooring is not only waterproof, but also resistant to acidic and alkaline corrosion. When it gets dusty, it can be cleaned using a damp cloth only, so it is very easy to maintain.

Environment-Friendly & Non-Toxic

SPC flooring is formaldehyde-free and completely non-toxic. It is recyclable and certified to be safe and eco-friendly. The occupants can live in the property without worrying about the harm of chemical substances.
Able to Withstand High Temperature

SPC flooring has stable physical properties which makes it an ideal option for extreme cold or extreme hot indoor environment.

Fire Retardant

SPC flooring is retardant to flame, thus the flame is unable to expand and will be extinguished in seconds, preventing the release of harmful gases.


Comfortable to Step On

SPC flooring is 6mm thick and underlaid with cushion base, thus it is comfortable to be stepped on. The elastic base also makes a great material for sound absorption.
Highly Durable

SPC flooring has a long lifespan for up to 10 years. Unlike other vinyl flooring products, it is not susceptible to temperature-related expansion and contraction.
Termite Resistant

SPC flooring provides great peace of mind by keeping your dream home to yourself only, without the disturbance caused by the pest inhabitants.

Waterproof & Mildew-Resistant

SPC flooring is able to resist water absorption, thus preventing the growth of mildew which can largely affect the appearance of the floor. Its waterproof feature also allows diverse applications in most of the indoor environment.